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American Sheepdog Online CCW Resource Magazine - Hi-Point 995TS 9mm Carbine Review
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  • Hi-Point 995TS 9mm Carbine Review

    Last month, I posted about getting a fun shooting rifle that would serve a couple of purposes.
    • I wanted a small caliber rifle that the family could have fun with.
    • I wanted a caliber that was powerful enough for HD and was manageable for the whole family no matter who had to use it AND used a caliber that was pretty easy to acquire.
    • I needed something that was affordable yet reliable yet accurate.

    When I came across a beautifully ugly 9mm carbine from Hi-Point, the 995TS. I knew this was something worth checking out.
    After checking out online what owners had to say about it, I found a lot of happy owners but I also found its share of complaints from naysayer’s which is pretty normal as you know when seeking info about a firearm online.
    The majority of the complaints were feed issues that could be quickly and easily remedied so I had no problem with those. Other complaints came from QA issues (hey it’s a $300+ rifle depending on what part of the country your in.) that could be quickly fixed via the…get this…Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty.

    Here is an excerpt from the Hi-Point website:
    “Damage, age, and plain old wear and tear—these things happen. When they do, Hi-Point customers enjoy a lifetime, no questions asked warranty. And lifetime means just that— free repairs for the life of the gun, whether you are the first owner, or the third. That service is fast, friendly and expertly performed. Your Hi-Point will be back in action, good as new, in no time.”

    That pretty much sealed the deal for me so I went ahead and
    got one, the 995TSRD. The RD signifies the BSR Red Dot sight that came with it.

    The rifle came packed pretty good...not the best but good. Sight was well protected, the 2 mags that came with it were loose but were wrapped up in plastic. also included was a sling and swivels (very basic), charging handle and bolt uninstalled and wrapped up, cheap but effective trigger lock and a very basic manual (not that you would need anything complicated for this simple gun). Installation of the charging handle was very simple but I did notice that it was pretty small for my hands. A custom billet oversized charging handle would be my first mod and I ordered it right away on Ebay but would be delivered in time for the first range trip. Also on order was a custom billet full length top rail that was needed to mount the Magpul BUIS that was slso on order, a double mag holder w/2 extra mags from Hi-Point that mounts to the stock, and some more mags.

    The Hi-Point Carbine comes in 9mm with a .40 and .45 due out sometime this year. Don't bank on the .40 and .45 though because they've been promised for the last 2 years or so. They are American made with quality that far surpasses the price tag. They feature a polymer stock with an internal recoil buffer, 4 picatinny rails; 2 on the side of the fore grip, 1 on the bottom, and one on the bottom of the barrel to mount the optional laser. Stock sights include fully adjustable ghost ring rear peep and front post, quick on/off saftey, grip mounted mag release, a 10 shot mag, and a trigger lock. Besides a front folding vertical grip, a light and laser are available as options. This rifle is rated for +P to boot.

    First time at the range went flawless. But I did do some pre-range prepping to work out some kinks that I came across from researching other range reports.

    Here are a couple of things I did to ensure a successful maiden voyage to the range.
    • compressed the mag springs with a wood dowel about 50 times for a quick break inloaded/unloaded mags with ammo about 5 times each then left the mags full until I could get to the range which happened to be 2 days.
    • Performed a basic take down for cleaning and removed all the factory lube with Hoppes #9. Cleaned the trigger group, receiver, and barrel and sprayed the whole thing with Rem Oil and let soak overnight until dry. It was a little dirty from the factory I must say but with minimal machining dust and chips.
    • Installed front and rear BUIS from Magpul. These back up sights fold down and out of the way of the red dot.
    • Installed a custom full length picatinny rail from the same Ebay guy that I got the charging handle from. Needed this to install the Magpul BUIS. Unfortunately, the red dot that came with the rifle did not fit on the rail so I swapped the red dot from my shotty and it fit just fine.

    I used a couple of different brands of 9mm FMJ. Ran 100rnds of Blazer, 100rnds of WWB, and 100rnds of PMC. The rifle ate everything flawlessly. I did had one hiccup with the first mag though that was user error for sure. When I racked the first round, I eased the charging handle back instead of just letting it fly and that caused that first round to fail to feed. After that, I just let it fly and had no problems to date (round count is at 3600 at this time..still flawless).

    Sighting in was pretty fast, It was dead on and to the right about and inch with the laser bore and so it took 2 clicks of windage to correct the Magpul sights. With out the red dot, the iron sights gave me 2.5” groups of 5 at 75ft. I was happy! With the red dot, It shot 1” groups of 5 and 10 at 75ft. Big Grin!!!
    The rifle does Home Defense duty for the most part. Nothing long range so I'm confident with its performance at 75ft.

    All in all, I’m really REALLY happy with this rifle. My 11yo son loves this rifle and shoots incredible with it. My 8yo doesn’t shoot it because of the LOP and his short arms. He can do it but not properly enough to be safe with it. He’ll have to wait or stretch his arms out a little with dumbbells on his ankles while hanging on the door sill.

    Besides being a fun gun to shoot, I would highly recommend the Hi-Point 9mm for HD. If your looking for an affordable pistol caliber carbine…this one is a home run.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Hi-Point 995TS 9mm Carbine Review started by xdglocker View original post
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    1. UGA's Avatar
      UGA -
      Great review! A worthy consideration for budget minded people like me.
    1. SkivMarine's Avatar
      SkivMarine -
      I've hefted these ugly little things a number of times at gun shops. I have to say that I LIKE them.
      They seem to be sturdy enough to put up with urban combat. And if you run out of ammo you can beat your opponent to death with it without too much trouble.
      I like the modifications in the photos! It looks like a true combat piece. And the price is unbeatable.
    1. dnola's Avatar
      dnola -
      Great review. I've got an 09' production that has a somewhat different stock but retains the same overall really ugly look! It may well be the most fun gun I have. Amazingly, the thing kicks like a mule. The stock may be partially responsible for the felt recoil in the manner it is made but I have heard that the new models (xdglocker's 995 TS) resolve some of the recoil issues. Mine has been rock solid and really hard on the 9mm ammo supply. The only negatives that I have is the lack of a magazine with over 10 round capacity and the stock charging handle that will bite you good if not gripped just right. XD's mod's just add to a gun that is a hoot to shoot.

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